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Lower Back Pain

I frequently see people who have suffered lower back pain for longstanding duration. It is surprising how often this can be the result of over-working the core muscles.

The psoas muscles, also known as the core muscles, are frequently targeted as being the muscles that must be worked hard to stay strong.

Although it is important to keep these muscles strong, they do retain a level of fitness in day to day activities such as walking and standing. Overworking them can result in exhaustion and consequent weakness to the muscle, along with damage to the lumbar spine.

It is important to recognise that excessive training of these muscles can be very dangerous to the low back and can in fact result in disc damage. This is because this muscle attaches directly to, not only the vertebral joints from T11/12 to L5, but also to the discs at these levels.

It is very difficult to stretch the core psoas muscles. They attach directly into the diaphragm fascial fibres which encircle the lower thoracic region around the ribcage. They also attach into the iliac muscle fibres on the inside of the pelvic bones. Since these attachments are directly onto bones, to fully stretch the fibres would require the type of flexibility only high-level gymnasts acquire. In my opinion it is not wise to consistently contract any muscle that cannot be easily extended.


If you are concerned about whether you are doing damage to your lower back, by overexercising these muscles, my advice is to cease core work until you can ascertain whether the muscles are currently weak or strong.
To determine the strength, or weakness, of the muscles it is best to request a muscle strength assessment. It is also important not to automatically assume they are weak through lack of training as the reverse is frequently true.

If you have had lower back issues, I suggest that caution should be taken when enrolling in any programme that specifically targets these muscles.

I am so passionate about these topics and I hope that this information is helpful to anyone experiencing lower back issues.

Chiropractic Mount Pleasant - Dr Helen Leeks - Revitalise Chiropractic

Meet Our Chiropractor - Dr Helen Leeks

Meet Dr Helen Leeks (Chiropractor)

(B.Sc. B.App Science (Chiro). Dip Teach)


For over 20 years Dr Leeks has been serving patients throughout Australia. A 1993 graduate of RMIT in Melbourne, Dr Leeks specialises in providing expert chiropractic care using gentle and effective chiropractic therapy.

Dr Leeks has studied a broad range of chiropractic techniques and is also a kinesiologist, a nutritionalist and craniopath. She has also served as a clinician at Murdoch University training future chiropractors.

Providing Care for a Variety of Conditions

The two primary techniques that Dr Leeks uses are Applied Kinesiology (A.K.) and Sacro-Occipital Technique (S.O.T.). Both techniques allow Dr Leeks to work with her patients to achieve the best results in the shortest time possible.

SOT is a natural and gentle method of restoring normal function and movement to all joints of the body. It is especially helpful in alleviating chronic low back and neck issues.

AK is an excellent diagnostic technique used to identify underlying nutritional and structural issues which may lead to pain in both joints and soft tissue. Dr Leeks uses AK to identify problems in the mobility of all of the joints of the body, not just the spine.

Dr Leeks has also completed Chirodontic training. Chirodontics is designed to assist chiropractors who work with dentists to achieve structural stability for the jaw (TMJ) joints. This can be especially helpful for patients who suffer from symptoms related to extensive dental work. This includes headache, migraine and facial pain and numbness.

Dr Leeks enjoys helping patients with a wide range of problems. She especially enjoys helping patients who have frustrated all other options and have suffered with a chronic, longer term condition. Her approach aims to both the correction of problems and long term stability to prevent reoccurrences.

Some of the conditions that Dr Leeks sees at her clinic include:

  • Joint aches and pains
  • Backache and spinal pain
  • Headache and migraine
  • Jaw tightness and pain (TMJ)
  • Sports injuries
  • Sciatica

Dr Leeks looks forward to welcoming you at your next visit.